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Behind every pixel and line of code at Websitebrush, there’s a story, a passion, and a commitment

Website Development at it’s Best

In 2009, Nael H. channeled his fervor for web design into the inception of WebsiteBrush. What began as a solo venture has flourished over the years into a comprehensive digital agency, with expertise spanning from intricate web design to strategic inbound marketing. At its core, WebsiteBrush thrives on familial values and unwavering integrity. Beyond building a close-knit internal team, we take immense pride in forging lasting, genuine relationships with our clients, making them an extended part of our digital family.

Our Roots

Originating from Toronto’s vibrant digital landscape, WebsiteBrush has always been about more than pixels and code. Our foundation lies in understanding the nuances of businesses and translating them into the digital realm. While we’ve grown and adapted to the ever-changing world of digital design, our core ethos — authenticity, commitment, and relationship-building — remains unchanged. These values serve as our compass, ensuring we stay true to our mission and to the clients we proudly serve.

Our Team

We are a remote-first team that shares a passion for building excellent websites.

Nael H.


Steve J.

WordPress Developer

Alina J.

Project Manager & Full Stack Developer

Dmitry C.

Full Stack Developer

Pamela M.

UX Designer

Tariq S.

Web Developer

Matthew S.

PHP Developer

Mehdi F.

Full Stack Developer

Bhanu S.

Lead Developer

Ajay K.

Senior WordPress Developer

Maggie T.

Administrative Assistant

Amy T.

Accountant Intern.

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