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Agriculture and Farming

Agriculture and farming have gone hi-tech, and with a good website, you can now reach out to clients any time and any day. Whether you are an agri-business company, sell farm machines & equipment or educate farmers on how to increase farm yields, we help you design the best website. Because farming and agriculture are indispensable in most if not all societies, beating
competitors means taking your services online. A well-optimized website should be the starting point. However, we help you do more. The following are vital sections of a website focused on agriculture and farming:

Ideal Color Palette
and Theme

The first step to designing a site befitting farming and agriculture is choosing the right color palette. In our design arsenal, we have a wide array of website themes featuring different color palettes. It is believed when it comes to running a website that targets clients such as farmers and suppliers of farm equipment, a good theme should communicate your brand.


We design your site with video plug-ins in mind. This way, you can shoot and upload how-to farm videos on your website.

HQ images

Another vital consideration we make when design a website for clients in the farming and agriculture sector is the need for high-quality images. It is to further strengthen your business brand and its message. We will help you source out images such as farm tools and equipment.

Exemplary and
Dynamic Navigation

A website for a farmer or anyone doing agri-business should equally be easy to navigate. Our designers use cutting-edge design tools and software to come up with a site that is dynamic and easy to navigate.

Services page

You also need a service page for your agriculture and farming website. It details your services, target clients, price quotes and your work process.

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