Ultimate Web Design Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Website

blog / Ultimate Web Design Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Website

“Every website has a golden a target that it would wish to meet be eat their number of subscribers are downloading.  Every website owner aims to get a high number of conversions. If the website design is not right, one will not get the conversions they want. It is, therefore, important to avoid design mistakes that would result in a low conversion rate. This article will give you the main mistakes that could kill your website.

Slow Load Time

Research shows that almost 50% of websites users expect web pages to load within 2 seconds or less. A high percentage of people also of a website that takes more than three seconds to load. This means that your website load time should be less than 3 seconds.

Several reasons would lead to a low load speed. They include using many plugins, too much use of flash links that are broken, poor coding, and large images. To increase the load time:

  • use the least possible plugins
  • used image optimization techniques
  • lower the server response time
  • remove or significantly reduced redirects

Lack of a good call to action

Every website should have a prominent call to action button. The user will not perform any tasks you would wish them to if there is no relevant call to action. This includes actions like sign up, buy now, or simply call.

The words in the call to action must be clear and easy to understand. Ensure the call to action’s background color is different from the rest of the web page colors. This will ensure that the buttons turn out, and the user can understand it and see it better. Users will overlook an unclear call to action button.

Use the following tips to create a better call to action button:

  • the color of the call to action button must be different
  • the button must clearly indicate what will happen next after clicking it
  • the button should be located at the right place to increase visibility

Use of Poor Images

Images are vital in that they will attract the user to your website. Use unique images that will distinguish you from other websites. The use of stock images and images that are not labeled for reuse undermine your website’s credibility. Make sure the images match the content within the website. Use high-quality images to avoid blurry situations.

When your Website is not Mobile Friendly

 Jim Edwards, in a column within the business insider, stated that the number of users using mobile phones on the Internet surpasses those using the desktop.

By mid of 2016, it was impossible to ignore the importance of a website being mobile-friendly. Smartphones are being used everywhere to surf through the Internet. Every website owner will want to attract traffic to their website and give their uses a great experience. If your website is not mobile-friendly, users will find it broken.

A non-responsive design may lead you to lose customers. Ensure all users can access your website well using any device. This can be done by testing your website on a mobile phone or tablet before launching the pages.

Outdated Website

Websites that are boring and dull will not drive the right traffic. If a visitor views a website that seems outdated, the perception will be that the website does not keep up with current trends. The worst will be if they assume you are no longer in business. Once your website looks old and dulls, the visitor will definitely go to the competitor’s site. Ensure you update your website every 2 to 3 years paying attention to current trends.

Misuse of Colours

Colors are essential in your web design. The highlights you’re link buttons and all other content within your website. These highlights make it visually appealing. The use of too many colors is not attractive to the end-user. Read through the principle of phycology to choose the right colors for every part of your site.

  • White: pure, clean, honest
  • Green: growth, comforting, organic, positive go
  • Light Blue: cool, masculine, youthful
  • Dark Blue: trustworthy, mature, stable, calming
  • Gray: cool, integrity, neutral, mature
  • Pink: warm, youthful, feminine
  • Purple: youthful, royal, contemporary,
  • Red: excitement, hot, danger, stop, negative
  • Yellow: emotional, cautious, positive
  • Brown: organic, unpretentious, wholesome
  • Gold: conservative, stable, elegant,
  • Orange: organic, emotional, positive
  • Black: serious, heavy, death