Website Design For Architecture Companies

Every company is unique and so, when it comes to designing a website, it should communicate about your services or products most effectively. We help you design a website for your architectural design business so that it meets both your expectations and needs of clients. But first, there are prerequisites to designing a website for a company or an individual that renders architectural services such as drawing house plans, rendering 3-D realistic images of proposed construction projects and many more.


We start by asking vital questions that cut across the nature of your business, target clients, location, and policies.  With this information, our designers then proceed to design that is premised on the following:

·        Work portfolio/Projects

The portfolio of your business makes it stand out from competitors. With a good website that has this section, you can easily showcase your work profile to potential clients. We design a portfolio page that is optimized for cross-platform viewing.

·        Brand consistency

We also emphasize the need for brand consistency. If your business targets governments, we ensure your website communicates your brand in the most powerful way.

·        Services

A company that renders architectural services should have a service page. Here is where potential clients learn more about your business and how it can help them.

·        Crisp and minimalist design

Given the nature of architectural businesses, having a website with a high visual appeal is important. It does not only strengthen your brand but also communicates the quality you have to offer.

·        Inquiry page/Call to actions

A call to action page where prospective clients can inquire about housing designs, house plans, and even project quotations. We make sure this page is very responsive, simple and convenient.

·        News and newsletter page

A news page is necessary for a business that provides architectural services. Here, clients can access useful content, project updates, to-dos and subscribe to your company’s newsletter.

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