What are the Pros and Cons of Using Magneto?

blog / What are the Pros and Cons of Using Magneto?

“Magneto is an e-Commerce platform written in PHP. This online platform is used by small, mid as well as large-scale businesses. Most businesses that established their websites in Magneto have already been known in the e-commerce world. From small-scale businesses, they have already become pioneers in the e-commerce community.

Magneto is a big help in businesses; may they be micro or macro businesses. It has both its pros and cons. Let’s discuss if it is worth using. Is it worth the upgrade to its Premier Version? Listed below are some of its advantages and disadvantages that would help online merchants and users analyze Magneto.

Magneto’s Pros

Magneto is said to be beneficial in the e-commerce world. It is said to have a large impact on online merchants. Here are some of the reasons why it is viewed that way:

  • Magneto is Cost-affordable: This e-commerce platform is free of charge when using its community version. Small-scale businesses use this. Large-scale businesses use the upgraded versions and packages to get access to added features.
  • Magneto is Flexible: Magneto offers extensions and plugins which are designed by the company itself. Features can be accessed using these plugins, which are hassle-free. These features help the user design their website easily.
  • Magneto is User-friendly: Even those who aren’t much of techie persons can easily use this platform. It is easy to learn; it comes with great support packages.
  • Magneto is customer-oriented: Customer specifications and behavior are still evolving. So for any business to succeed in e-commerce, customer satisfaction is paramount. Magneto also focuses on customer satisfaction, thus making it a winner.
  • Magneto has an efficient SEO: Its reliable SEO has provided lasting solutions to all the users. This is because of the satisfactory features that it comes with. For any website created on Magneto, handling of indexing, duplicate content, landing page, and page traffic is done with ease.
  • Magneto is reliable: It has a shopping cart. This helps customers to follow a systematic process when buying products. In the long run, customers can get their desired goods without any ambiguity or scam. Magneto can also be integrated with various payment gateways.
  • Magneto enhances proper managing of multiple stores: On Magneto, every store can be created with its own product catalog. This has made it possible to run much differently from one administrative panel, thanks to Magneto.
  • Magneto is still developing: Magneto is investing a lot in the research and development to add additional features that will only make it better in the coming years. With the frequently changing technology, Magneto can embrace that to make it more efficient.
  • Magneto enhances order management with ease: Attending to orders is one of the hardest things. But with Magneto, work is made easier because of its effective features. It has an ever working admin panel that facilitates creating, viewing, editing, producing orders, raising invoices, making packaging slips, creating email notifications, and making a reorder.

Magneto’s Cons

Despite all the above good things about Magneto, there are still some cons of this e-commerce platform. Some users find this platform not advisable. Listed below are the cons of Magneto.

  • Magneto is Time Consuming: Some find Magneto’s additional features complex because there is a wide variety of them, and choosing the best plugins among them for your site might cost you a lot of time.
  • Magneto’s Premier Version is not for free: As said earlier, the community version is free. If one wants to upgrade to the Enterprise version, there is an amount to spend. Some find this one of the biggest disadvantages of Magneto, especially those who look for free platforms.
  • Magneto lacks online developers: Finding fairly good experts on Magneto to develop one’s own website is hard. It is a challenge for some users to look for a professional Magneto developer to improve their own online site. Of course, these online merchants seek those who are experienced enough. And because of the large system, it isn’t easy to choose a developer who really knows his task.
  • Magneto can be slow sometimes: This problem comes when one is dealing with a small server. One of the reasons why it is possible is that it is not well written onto the Zend framework, thus making it slow when it runs. For it to work well on PHP, it needs not less than 20mb.
  • Magneto cannot be used in an environment of shared hosting: This cripples its operation and suitability. Besides, one must have close to $25 every month to facilitate hosting since a VPS server is needed.
  • Magneto needs a proper hosting environment: Alongside that, one needs good store management for Magneto to operate smoothly. If this is not the case, it will run slowly. This is a shortcoming for Magneto since other systems like WordPress can work anywhere. All in all, an effective server is required for Magneto to work well.
  • Magneto offers a small for Technical documentation: This makes it hard for one to modify or even customize this program. Despite the software coming with some reliable features, it is hard for one to recollect that. This is due to the rough documentation coming alongside its software.

Magneto is good to use if you’re willing to invest a lot of money and time for your business. It would help if you did a proper analysis of your business before starting it. If you have a small scale business running on an exact budget, the site might not be advisable. You may consider looking for other platforms that would help your business.”