What it takes to design a successful e-commerce

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“Research states that the e-commerce industry will soon report sales of up to 2 trillion dollars within the coming few years. It is impossible to ignore the world’s current trends, which are making everything available with the tap of a few buttons on your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop. Launching e-commerce stores for businesses is almost becoming mandatory. Consumers prefer to shop from their comfort zones and have their merchandise delivered to their doorstep. So how does one design the right e-commerce store?

A/B Test changes before implementation

An A/B test is an experiment where several variants of a specific page are tested. Statistical analysis is given to determine which variations will result in a higher conversion rate. When you have more than one option for your web page or want to change your website’s key aspects, make sure you A/B test the variations to select the better option.

Several tools are available to facilitate the testing. Ensure all the landing pages and elements of your website work accordingly to improve the end-user experience.

Use the right Technology.

Not everyone has an updated device that functions with the latest browsers. This means that we should create designs that can accommodate all the users. The main aim of eCommerce is to have the highest number of users translated into conversions. The web design layout should not cut out any user. Your website design should be able to display content and information on almost all devices.

One major tip that can be applied is avoiding the use of flash. Flash is chunky, and several devices do not support it, such as all IOS powered gadgets. New and trendy technologies such as parallax scrolling should be avoided as it reduces the user experience and may reduce the conversion rate. Have a clean and semantic code that will increase the load time, making the user experience way better.

Increase the variations on the search engine within your website

Increase the number of variations within the search options. This could include options such as; price-low to high, and a high-low, Popularity, best selling or highest rated, Age, new or latest, all these variations will make your website design superior. The more the variations, the better for the end-user as they will easily find the product they want without searching through heaps of products.

Clear navigation system

Ensure every time a user is navigating through your store; they can clearly know exactly where they are. The use of well-defined headlines, sub-headers, and breadcrumbs facilitates a great navigation system. Breadcrumbs are secondary navigation systems that help the user identify their location within a website, e.g., Home > Beauty and Health > Essential oils > Peppermint oil.

If you quickly want to build your eCommerce when you buy a domain, start working on your home page design so you can market your website or company. Many people make a mistake because they wait for the complete website design and wait until the site is fully developed. Then after that, they add a marketing component. What that does it leaves you very behind when it comes to search engine optimization. If you could build a home page, about us and contact us page, you can start. You can get authoritative sites linking back to your eCommerce site, which then builds your domain authority, and then, over time, you are building your credibility. When your site actually launches, you will have a greater SEO, and your site will be ready to get organic traffic. Then after that, using the above points, you can design your eCommerce website!”